Friday, September 22, 2006

Orion Saves Me (or so he thinks)
August, 2006

I really would love to get into the brains of these nooves, especially the one I reside with. First, I'll give you a bit of background info. It's been cool here in New England; 48*F when I awoke this morning. Definietely light sweater weather. Second, I have some neighbors who live behind me, I have a field which comes between my house and theirs, and I walk Orion around the perimeter of the yard, including this field. Third, the neighbors can see us if they look out thier window.
I noticed a huge black, furry rug on my livingroom floor this afternoon, and it had been there for quite some time. I decided the rug needed some exercise, so I called Orion to join me for a walk. He was a bit miffed I had roused him from his slumber and headed out with an attitude and, as I went out, I tossed my black shawl over my shoulders. We walked around the yard until we reached the field bordering my neighbors' front yard. I noticed he had been lagging behind--sniffing the hedges and grass--when he noticed I was ahead and took off at full speed (flews aflappin'). When he reached me he started barking and acting crazy. Okay, he must want to play. A bit unusual, as he prefers to play in the front yard, but I figured, whatever. So I started jumping around, playing "I'm gonna get yer tail", and "chase the puppy" (in full view of the neighbors, who think I'm a bit nutty anyway). I found my shawl was getting in the way, so I stopped, took it off and tied it around my waist and continued playing. When I was done I told him, "All done!" and had him sit for a few minutes to settle him down. Then I turned and headed back up to the house. That's when he came barrelling up behind me and bit my butt! I turned and he was barking and pulling on my shawl! It suddenly occurred to me he figured it didn't belong there. I took it off and tied it around him, then he strutted off as if he was the "finest tiger in the jungle". Either he figured the shawl was attacking me and he was to save me from such attacker, or he just thought it pretty and wanted it for himself. Fortunately, I am well padded on the backside....

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