Friday, May 11, 2007


The other day, Orion went with me to get the newspaper, when we found a delightful treat in the box, a meatball! Our next door neighbor made special doggie meatballs for her doggie, Anabelle, and shared her bounty with The Count. I let him sniff the bag, and he knew something very special would be his for breakfast. He was so thrilled, he forgot the newspaper and ran down to the house without it! He was dancing around the kitchen as I prepared the meatball to mix into his kibble. He greedily devoured the meatball, leaving the kibble in his dish. For Orion to greedily devour anything is quite a shock, he is extremely selective about what he ingests.
I was very pleased to have found something which made him eager to eat, so I asked my dear neighbor to share the recipe, which she enthusiatically did. I made up a batch of these delicious meatballs, which contained shredded carrots and cheese, and eagerly awaited their cooking so I could share them with my newf. I waited until they were cool enough, and crumbled one into his bowl. He didn't touch it. Not even a bite.
Now, I doubled the batch when I made them so I had a huge bunch of these meatballs which His Highness has decided he wouldn't eat. Hmmm. I served them for dinner with pasta. The hubber and kids thought they were delicious. Maybe The Count will only eat them with pasta and sauce.....