Friday, November 07, 2008

"What Was He Thinking?" #6

Poor Orion. Now that 'Kee is comfy, what do you think is going through his mind? Of course, you could post what was going through her mind, as well!

"What Was He Thinking?" #7

This one is "What was She thinking?" (featuring Aquila):

"What Was He Thinking?" #5

Photo # 5 awaits your caption....

"Is this what they mean by doing crack?"

"Oh ha ha, very funny Orion......Im going to scratch your nose off, as soon as I can figure out how to get out of here!" (Tara)

JUSSSST great!" (Tug)

"The stewardess said I would find an inflatable life vest under here! LIES!" (Nessa)

"ORION, Heeelp me! I'm Sinking! Save me, Orion!" Glub, glub, glub ( as even the tips of the ears disappear into the couch). (Trish)

"Maybe they'll think it ran away Whoopee!!!!" (Kodys Grandma)

"Ahhh….pewwww! I thought this was a good hiding place but all I see are butts….and that big black hairy guy can really fart! Ahhhhh….pewwww!"(Hope)

"I love playing hide and seek. This is the best hiding place I have ever found. I wonder if they will find me!" (Cheryl)

HA! "Maybe if I stay here really still, the Newfs won't find me..." (Bojie)

"HELP ME, I've fallen and I can't get up!" (Abbey)

"The first bed was too hard, the second bed was too soft, but THIS bed is just right!"

"Must've been some really good cat-nip..." (Allise)
"Help mum the newf sat on me" (Victoria)

The Count Walking away from the couch, contentedly thinking......."I love it when I can hide a snacky for later".......the count then brusts into song (to the tune of Mr. Ed)....A snack is a snack, of course its a snack, what would you do for my snack?, it really, really is a wonderful snack, thank you Commander TED!"

"What Was He Thinking?" #4

Here's the photo for today's caption(this is Oscar):

Behind the camera, the Count Opens Wide.....................

“Here kitty....kitty, come here....that's a nice Kitty (snicker)! GULP!”
(Commander Ted)

"I am fed up with these newfs always being in the frame"


“You said WHAT???” (Allise)

“Hellooooooo, Is this thing on??? Hellooooooo!” (Abbey)

“mum I'm on catnip (poor pun of candid) camera” (Victoria)

“It’s the Avon lady calling!”

“Is anybody in there?”

“Is that catnip I see on that camera lens???” (Annette)

“Hey, hey you. Do you see that booger in my nose?” (Hope)

“Is it... DELICIOUS?” (Roy)

"You say you dropped it in here?"

“I just want to apologize to Mike's mom and Josh's mom and my mom
and I'm sorry to everyone. I was very naive. I am so scared. What was that? I'm scared to
close my eyes and I'm scared to open them. I'm going to die out here. Every
night we just wait for them to come.”
ala "Blair Witch Project" (Tug)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What was he thinking #3

Here's photo #3, please post a caption to go with the photo.

“It's tough work being me!! “

“Ah...sunshine....good food and my own porch. Life just doesn't get any better than this!” (Susan)

“I told you I was a Bear (skin)”

"Gravity feels especially strong this morning."

“Just got back from Marlis' and Gloria's...Oh my aching head...but do they know how to party! And where's my dang key. UGH” (Tara)

“Anybody have any Alka-Seltzer?” (Allise)

"Maybe they won't see me if I lay real still" (Jane)

“Wait, you’re not even going to cut it up for me to eat?” (Bojie)

“Owwwwwwww........................I knew I shouldn't have drank all that Salmon Oil last night. Owwwwwwwwwww.................Where's the ICE BAG!!!!!! That's the last time Wet talks me into anything! Owwwwwwwwwwww........................Aspirin Please!” (Commander Ted)

“I'm never going to go out with the boys again, what did I drink?” (Victoria)

“How do you spell relief? R .O .L .A .I .D .S” (Abbey)


Monday, November 03, 2008

What was he thinking?

"What was he thinking?"
photo #2 (submit a caption to go with this photo):

Click on the "comments" below to leave your caption, email it to me, or post it on newf-net.

"“This is the largest fish bowl I've ever seen!” (Bojie)

"Damn....if they find out it was me who dropped that fish head...I am gonna get whooped." (Susan)

"Hey…kitty…you look like me!" (Hope)

"There's gotta be a fish in here somewhere.... " (Allise)

The Count (Out of the Picture):
"Hmmm......Let's see Kat, Wet Kat....Kat's don't like water.....BONUS!!!!!.....Nudge SPLASH!" (Commander Ted)

"If it's not too much to time could you use a smaller dish for my water, PLEASE?" (Abbey)

"The big guy doesn't seem to have a problem..." (Tug)

"water water in the pool who is the fairest of them all, why me of course not that cute newfie" (Victoria)

"Hmmm... Nice kittie pool! Think I'm gonna need a Cat-armaran." (Sue)

"'s gonna take a lot of sand to fill this litter box!!!" (hsemko)

"Hmm, how do you get in?"

What was he thinking?

I think it is time for a new game. Here I will post a photo every day and you post a phrase to go with it. You can post the caption to any or all. If you can, post the caption in the comments section below the photo. Let's see who can create the most creative captions!

Here is your first one:

Here are some of the first responses (from newf-l and newf-net):

“MMOOOOOOMMMMMM! Wet is doing IT…AGAIN!” (Hope)

"Ah Mom...I like my kitten kibble with Cat-chup!" (Sue M.)

"But, I don't like hair in my food!" (Abbey)

"Mom!!!!! Cool A Snacky worth my attention!" (Commander Ted)

"If this is what they mean by raw-diet then no thanks!" (Brainwashed by Newfs)

"mum kitty's eaten all my food" (Victoria)

"What do you mean I can't eat the cat?" (Mudji)

"A little whip cream on the top please.." (Jennifer)

"I am the Count; I am not named ALF and my dinner shall NOT Purr" (Susan)

"Whoa, is that for ME?"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation (newfs version)

(Orion) Mom started hauling stuff out of the attic. I know what this means. This means they are going somewhere without me. Aquila doesn't know or understand, and I can't convince her something is going on. She believes Mom won't go anywhere without her. I used to think that, too, until I found she does go places without me. The whole pack does, and they are gone for, like, forever. I'm sulking.

(Aquila) Orion's in a mood, he has this idea that Mom is going someplace without us. Now I know Mom is an awesome hunter, but she doesn't take very long to bring back some cow, pig, chicken, and lamb, so I don't see what the big deal is. What is she gone, maybe an hour? I don't understand what these totes and stuff are for though.

(Orion) The truck is packed, that means I'm going to Grandma and Grandad's, maybe? I like visiting them, they spoil me. I can handle that.

(Aquila) Well, my crate is in the truck. Wonder what that's about. Are they going to send me away? Oh no! Maybe that's it! Was I naughty? Maybe I shouldn't have gotten into the food and ate it all. I wonder if that's it. When I knocked over the plant Mom didn't seem to care, she said she knocks them over all the time. Maybe that was it. I thought Mom loved me. Why would she send me away? She wouldn't, she couldn't, could she?

(Orion) Mom and Dad took us to visit our newfie friends, Mackenzie, MuggS, and Mulligan. They are fun, MuggS is huge and very playful. I like visiting with them. Then Mom and Dad left and told us to be good. They left. They left without us. They left

(Aquila) I love visiting my friends, but I couldn't believe when Mom walked out the door and left me here. She gave me a kiss, told me she loved me, and then left. Of course, she'll be right back, she always comes right back. I'm not worried.

(Orion) I'm giving everyone the cold shoulder and not eating. I'm going on a hunger strike until I am hand-fed. Works with Grandma and Grandad. Doesn't seem to be working here, though. Wonder when Mom and Dad are coming to get me. I think I will go play.

(Aquila) Okay, I'm worried. I slept here all night. I miss my Mommy. She didn't come back. Did she give me away? Where is she?

(Orion) Another day, no Mom and Dad. 'Kee seems to think they have left us for good. We are now in a new pack. I miss my kids, but a kid comes here to visit so I have taken him as my own. I follow him everywhere and try to kiss his face. He's pretty cool.

(Aquila) I'm so sad without my Mom. I guess we have a new pack now. Just when I got comfy in my old pack. I just don't understand it. I love my Mommy so much, I just don't know how she could have left me.

(Orion) I've had to take up eating, no one is going to fall for my tricks here. It's eat-it or lose, so I guess I'll eat. I still feel in my bones that Mom and Dad will come back soon. I know they go someplace without me, but they do come back, so I'll just keep a look-out.

(Aquila) Another day, no Mom.

(Orion) Another day, and it's almost bed time when the doorbell rings. All the dogs line up quietly to greet the visitors, when who walks in the door? Mom, Dad, and kids! They're here! I KNEW they'd come back for us! I have to count them, are they all here? Yes! Wow, they were gone for so long, I wonder what they were doing. Oh Mom, I'm so glad to see you, I could just eat you up! Are you coming for a visit or to take us home?

(Aquila) Another day, no Mom, but I am getting used to my new pack. The doorbell rings and I see someone walk in who looks like Mommy. I must be dreaming, that can't be Mommy, can it? Whoa, Orion is going nuts, it must be Mommy. She says, "Aquila, my baby girl!" and I know it is true! She came back! She does love me! Boy I sure hope she brought us back a bison or something, they were gone so long I'm sure they hunted something delicious!

(Orion) We get in the car for the ride home. I'm sitting next to Mom and Dad, I won't let them out of my sight. Oh I just love them so!

(Aquila) We are going for a ride, are they taking us home? It's great to be back in the truck with my humans. I sit between the kids, I missed all of them.

(Orion and Aquila) Yeah! We're home! Oh my yard, I love my yard! I must mark it here, and here, and here....Oh, you wnat to play chase? Look there's the potty pen! Let's go check it out. Look, my house, and my favorite ball, and my...Oh, this IS heaven! I'm so glad to be home. Now, where's the goodies you hunted for us?

Vacation (Mom's version)

Ahhh, there is nothing in the world like a few days basking in the sun on the glorious beaches of NJ. Really does a body good. This was our tenth year going to the same spot for vacation. Where we go, dogs can't come, so we made arrangements for our good newfie friends to take our two for the five days we would be gone. This left them with a total of five nooves in their house! The dogs got along very well, ate, slept, and played, and since I knew they were in good hands, I did not worry about them.
We camp in Cape May. You know, the whole tent and sleeping bags sort of thing. Not the kind where you bring your TV, fridge, and everything else. We prefer to "rough" it, as long as it's not too rough. Like tenting in a rain storm, now that is rough.

Day 1
We arrived bright and early and headed straight for the beach. The ride went quickly, it took us 4 1/2 hours. We spent the morning and early afternoon on the beach, where Thing 2 found some really awesome fossils. He is very good at fossil hunting, and has found the beaches of Cape May to be great sources of small coral and other fossils. After some sun, sand, and waves, we headed to the campground to set up the tents. The boys each set up their own tents, with help from sis. I usually set up their tents, but figured by now they ought to be able to set them up, and they did a great job. While setting up a line to hang wet towels to dry, we spotted our neighbor next to us who was camping in a trailer. They had a small yappy dog they thought was so fierce. While the wee thing was yapping at me, the woman said, "Oh, he gets riled up when he sees another person or animal." Hmm, now I'm wishing I had brought the newfs. That would give him something to yap at, from the safety of a tree. They might not think their dog was so fierce and scary if they caught sight of almost 300 lbs of black fur and spittle. Orion would have thought it was a "keeetty!"
Next we met a young boy walking a teenie dog, and I ran to ask if I could pet his dog. He told me the dog was 9 weeks old, they had had him for two days, and he was a chihuahua/poodle mix. The wee thing might have weighed a pound, if that much. I told him and his friend that I had two newfies. He didn't know what newfs were, but his friend's eyes got big and wide and he said, "Oh man! Those dogs are HUGE!". They sure are, compared to this wee beastie. This tiny pup might have been the size of Orion's snoot. Funny how when we are not with our dogs, we seek out other dogs. We found ourselves doing this for the remainder of the trip. We did find a doggie day-care on the way to the beach, so who knows, maybe we will bring the newfs next time.

Day 2
Another perfect day at the beach. Lots of sunshine, the waves were great, and the weather perfect. We went up to the Lobster House and bought some fresh salmon (caught that day!) then headed to the lighthouse beach where hibachi grills and picnic tables are set up. After rubbing pepper seasoning on the fish, we grilled corn on the cob, veggies, and the fish for a delicious dinner that beat any you could find in a restaurant.

Day 3
More perfect sunshine and waves. I found reason number 2 for not wearing a one-piece bathing suit to the beach. I was in the water when a huge wave came up and I faultered. Should I take that wave or should I duck under? That split-second thought was just enough to have the decision made for me, as the wave roared over me, knocking me under and dragging me through the sand and rocks. The force knocked the top of my suit down (but I repaired that quickly while still under) and used it as a scoop to pick up rocks. I scraped my shoulder and I was so mad at myself for not being quick enough. I went back in the water to try to dislodge the rocks from my suit, and thought I got most of them until I headed for the ladies room and ejected the rest. A kid with a bucket and a shovel couldn't have scooped up as many rocks as my suit. That was the last time I wore a one-piece. We won't even get into the rocks and sand in my hair, which was up in a braid. I had to shampoo it twice to get most of them out.
One thing about leaving the nooves at home was that I was able to wear (gasp!) WHITE PANTS. Anyone with a huge black slobber dog knows white is never worn, so I was thrilled to wear my favorite white cropped pants. This is the only place I get to wear them!
For dinner we stopped and bought a couple of steaks, some salads, and fruit. Back to the lighthouse to grill them, then we hit Washington Square for a round of shopping. Washington Square is one of my favorite places in the world, all these tiny shops open until 11 pm. The kids got custards while I bought a fruit smoothie. Yum!

Day 4
This was our last "beach" day, and some clouds and wind came through. Enough wind to blow sand in my ears while soaking up the rays. We sunned ourselves until afternoon, when we headed back to the Lobster House for swordfish (caught that day!) for dinner. Picked up some more corn, rubbed the fish with pepper rub, and served some more side-salads and fruit. The fish was the best fish we have had since, well, last year when we came here. Really, fresh fish is like home-grown tomatoes, the store bought stuff just isn't the same. Hubber took the kids to Stone Harbor for ice-cream and shopping while I took my ease at the campsite, visiting friends who were there.

Day 5
Today we headed home. We decided to skip the beach because there were a few things the kids wanted to do (like visit Clary's Country Kitchen in Cape May Courthouse for breakfast). After breakfast we took down the tents, loaded the truck, and checked out. The kids wanted to visit Sunset Beach (Thing 2 wanted to get a few bags of rocks there), so daughter and I hit the stores there. They have a couple of nice shops there, so daughter got herself a few articles of clothing and jewelry. I bought Thing 1 a tee shirt I though he should really have. Once he saw it, he agreed. By now I am really missing the babies, so we headed to the Lobster House for a lunch of fried seafood (I skipped the fried seafood, had some smoked fish I picked up in the fish shop), then hit the road for the ride home. We were making great time until we hit a spot of "repaving" in CT which held up traffic for over an hour (and no one was paving at that time, either; guess people were just afraid of the bumpy pavement?). We arrived at our friends' house to get our babies, and at first 'Kee just stood there, looking at me as I walked in the door. Orion knew we were there to get him and ran to "count" everyone, jumping to kiss me and bite my chin. Once 'Kee saw Orion kissing us, she burst into the room for her lovin's. These were two very, very happy dogs, and getting them into the car for the ride home was no trouble. Once we arrrived home they tore out of the car and raced around the yard, jumping on each other, wrastling, and coming back to make sure we were for real. I've never seen such happy dogs in my life, and their joy at being home made my heart burst with happiness.
Overall, a great, relaxing, and fun vacation. I can't wait until next year.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wow, a whole month has gone by...

I can't beleive Mom hasn't posted anything on my blog in a whole month. Now is she lazy or what? I had so much going on, you'd think she'd be filling pages and pages.
First, there was my long awaited visit to the library! Of course, Mom forgot the camera (sigh, she'll never learn, will she?). Aquila and I were rushed to the beauty parlor for a bath, then whisked to the library before we even had time to drool on ourselves. Mom took the advice of her friends and told the kids how to approach an unfamiliar dog, then she brought us in. The usual "Oooohs and Ahhhs" ensued as Mom talked about Newfoundland dogs, what we were bred for, our webbed feet, and then answered the usual questions (Do we eat a lot, do we shed, lol, do we always drool that much, etc.). She also explained what dog shows were about, why a reputable breeder is important for any breed, and about newf rescue. At the end, the kids and families came up to adore and pet us and give us cookies. Aquila got way too much attention, probably because Mom likes to put a bow in her hair.
The next big thing was MY BIRTHDAY! That is just my favorite day. I get blueberry kuchen, lots of presents, and the day is all about me, me, me. I love it!
Shortly after that Mom took Aquila and me to the nursing home for a visit. I hadn't been in a while, and this was 'Kee's first time. She did very well, she really loves be petted by everyone. Mom is going to take her back for another visit, but hasn't figured out how to bring us both, and you know she wouldn't want to leave ME home.
So that's what I've been up to, summed up in a nutshell. Maybe Mom will stop reading books and spend more time writing down my every move for your enjoyment. I'll keep pestering her, and reminding her that we are due for some new photos.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Just a reminder of how fine and handsome I am.

And another:

A close up:

Here, I will smile for the camera:

Who, me?

Thanks for visiting my blog to see my beautiful self.

From Orion

I just wanted to let you how pleased I am that my humans brought me home my own dog. Although she has much to learn from me about being a totally cool, laid-back refined canine worthy of the Drulzelot title, she is coming along very nicely. What I particularly find useful is she makes a suitable 'taste tester", so I have employed her in that position. When Mom hands me a piece of cheese, I sniff it with my fine nose, and then I turn my head away. Mom then hands it to Aquila, and if she eats it, I know it is safe for me to ingest. Being royalty, you just can't trust anyone with your food. All royal canines should have their own taste-testers, in my humble opinion.

She's also a good toy-tester. If it's a good toy, she will play with it, which means it is good enough for me. Since she follows Mom everywhere, I don't have to, so I can leave my fine specimen of a self right where I am, usually in the primo spot on the kitchen floor where it is nice and cool. She has also decided to help me with my daily chore (I know, it is hard to understand the cruelty of these humans to make me do any kind of labor, but I do it to amuse them). It is my job to bring the newspaper down to the house.
Every morning the first activity of the day is for me to attend to my "toilet", and after that I amuse my dog with a game of tussle, then my humans head over to the driveway to collect the paper from the tube. We sit on the hill with Mom while Dad fetches the paper (hahaha!) and then Dad hands the paper to me and we all run down the hill to the house. Last week after Dad gave me the paper and we started down the hill, Aquila ran up to me and grabbed it. Even she understands One So Important as Myself should not be doing such work. Dad's solution? He brings yesterday's paper out, hands it to 'Kee, and gives me today's paper, this way we both have a newspaper to carry. Can't understand those humans.
Now I'm off for my after breakfast nap. I must do something about that Beastly Baby, it makes the most horric noise to disturb me from my slumber.....

Aquila's toys

The Canines have way too many dog toys. In spite of that, Aquila never showed much interest in them. As I've written here before, Orion loves nothing more than playing with his stuffies, hiding his toys for us to find, playing ball, and chasing a cuz ball. Try to play "toy" with my girl, however, and she was totally uninterested. Until she visited The Vet.
Aquila visited her doc for her spay. Shortly after she came home from her surgery, she had a "false pregnancy" caused by the change in hormones. She took hold of Orion's newest toy, a pink elephant, and tried to nurse it. She carried that squeaky pink toy around until Orion hid it on her (Maybe he didn't like the noise, or maybe he thought he was playing his favorite game, but whichever, it was several weeks before we found where he hid it!). Never having had a female, this was quite confusing to us. We went out and bought her a new toy, a yellow squeaky bear.
Yellow squeaky bear was carried around everywhere. She kept that toy in her mouth, took it on walks, took it in the car for rides. Now add to the fact that Aquila is quite the slobberdog, and you can imagine how gross this toy became. We dubbed it, "Yucky Baby". Long after her hormones settled, she still carried her Yucky Baby, or if we threw it, she'd fetch and bring it back. We were so pleased she was learning to play with us, we bought her another toy, "Weenie Baby". As you may be able to guess, it is a squeaky hotdog. Son has a strange sense of humor, and wanted to add a squeaky rubber pork chop as well. Imagine the names we could have come up for that one!
Dear Son found Pink Baby in his garden, so her collection has grown, and she delights in playing. She has learned to play "chase the cuz ball" and she and Orion both chase after the same toy, taking turns bringing it back (she will drop it, he will not, if it's in his mouth, you have to play "tug the cuz" before he'll let you have it).
Yesterday both visited the beauty parlor for much needed baths and trims. While there, I bought The Count a new stuffed octopus; he had removed, via tug games, all the legs from his old one, so I felt it was time for a new one. You can't get a toy for one and not the other, so I found a nice rubber squeak toy for 'Kee, a rubber chicken that sounds like a deranged crow. She loves this new toy, it is in her mouth right now, and she (thankfully) didn't bring it to bed last night, instead she left it downstairs. The noise this thing is raucous, so we have named this one "Beastly Baby". Orion still takes whichever toy she is playing with, I think he is trying to teach her how to play hide-n-seek. Her preferred game to play with Orion is chase-me, chase-me, and doggie wrestling. She's teaching him sports, he's teaching her cerebral pursuits. They are perfect compliments to each other.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Mom called the other day. She was very excited, and not in a good way. She called to tell me she had two newfs in her garage, one black, one brown, no collars, no tags. What should she do? She had called the dog warden, who told her to call the police. What on earth the police would do with two newfs was beyond her, so she called me. I told her to keep them in the garage and make sure they had plenty of water (which, of course, she didn't need me to tell her as she had already done just that)and I'd be over her house ASAP (she lives almost an hour away, depending on traffic). When I arrived, she had already gotten in touch with the local vet, who thought she knew who they might belong to. She told Mom a family lived about 1/2 mile away who had newfs which fit the description, she'd try to get hold of them and call my Mom back.
When I saw these two, my heart sank. Both were very friendly and cheerful dogs, both had been trimmed (all over, their coat was short), both matted, especially the brown. I couldn't even tell the sex due to the amount of matting, I could tell by the head the brown was a female, but the black I wasn't so sure. Had a narrower head than most males, but had male eyes, those deep, soulful eyes. They both were emaciated, the black about 90 lbs and the brown about 80. They were tall and long-legged, but very thin. The brown had obvious hip problems, and her entire spine was visible. Neither knew any commands, both very hungry. The brown ate all the cat food, and I had brought some of our food, which they gobbled right up. I would have thought they were abandoned but for the trimming and the very cheerful, friendly disposition. They also smelled. They smelled really bad, talk about wet dog! Wet dog times 10 is more like it. They were obviously outdoor dogs.
Finally, after lunch a lady calls. "You have my dogs, I hear." Uh, you want to tell me who you are and describe the dogs? Yup, they were hers. We chatted a bit, and the more I found out, the more upset I got. She has more than two newfs, all intact. She's breeding them, the brown had already had a litter. She wanted to recoup what she paid for the dogs, and make enough to build a new kennel, because the one she had wasn't containing the dogs. She said one of her kids must have left the kennel door unlatched when feeding this morning. Then she said I could just let them loose, they'd find their way back home, they run away every day. Uh, aren't you afraid they might get hit by a car? The road they are on is not the same dead-end road they live on, and cars fly by here pretty fast. I told her I'd bring them home, but if they showed up again at my parents house, they would not be able to bring them home.
So I asked the two if they wanted to go for a ride. They jumped to their feet and into the back of the wagon. They didn't like it when I closed the door, though. I drove them home, and that was when I saw the apalling conditions they lived in. Perhaps there was another pen they are kept in, if so I did not see one, all I saw was a 10' x 6' pen with a gravel floor. For four newfs. No one left the pen unlatched, no one had put them in the pen at all. I had to struggle to get it open, and the latch was way above my head. The food dish was outside the pen, as well as half a bag of Pedigree dog food closed up lying on the ground next to the dish. All dogs were thin, and one was pregnant. None looked older than two years. Poop everywhere. It broke my heart to have to put these dogs into that tiny pen, but I also couldn't leave them out. She had told me her neighbors are ticked at her because her dogs are always running loose. I cried all the way home.
She probably doesn't think she is doing anything wrong. This was how people kept dogs 20 years ago. But here she is breeding and selling dogs with no testing, no regard for the displasia she is passing along, and who knows what else, her only concern was to make a few bucks. I wanted to vomit.
I went home and hugged my two beautiful, happy, healthy newfs.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The words my newfs know

After almost six weeks in her new home, Aquila (formerly Nova) has settled into our routine, and is showing her personality. She has quite a fun personality, is a Mommy-magnet, and likes squeaky rubber toys. She is the sweetest thing, but she definitely has a few quirks (as we all do!). One in particular is her difficulty understanding "our" language. For example, The Hubber dug a trench in the back yard, and to keep the rain from moving the soil back in, he covered it with a tarp. When I go outside, the dogs go out with me, and they follow me everywhere, sometimes under foot, and other times they mosey. So when they reached the tarp-covered trench, I said, "Orion, stay off the plastic." He looked at the plastic, looked at me, and went around it. Good. He understands! Next comes 'Kee. "Aquila, stay off the plastic." 'Kee's head is transparent, I can see what's in it. And you know what she was thinking? "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...." So I yell, " 'Kee, walk around the plastic!" 'Kee says, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...." I yell, "No! Not on the plastic!!" 'Kee says, "Mommy, Momm--whoops!" Into the hole she goes. This is pretty typical Aquila. So it got me to thinking, what's the different words my two newfs understand?
Orion knows all his commands (sit,stay, down, go around, wait, come, etc.), plus things like, "Go for a ride" "Go for a walkie" "Go potty" "Go poop" "Eat" "Go in your crate" "Daddy's home" "Bed time", and "Drink of water". What he doesn't know for certain, he pretty much figures out.
Aquila knows (so far) "Drink of water" "Go potty" "In the potty pen" "Go poop" "Where's the yucky baby?" and "Where's your squeaky toy?" Everything else is "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, must find Mommy, must be near Mommy, etc." We've been working on the commands, but she is still finding our language to be alien. Nonetheless, she is just the most cheerful thing, especially first thing in the morning (when The Count wishes he were still in bed, His Highness prefers a late get-up time). This morning when I let her out she ran all over the yard just as happy as a clam. If a dog could show pure joy, this was it! Of course, if she's running like mad all over the yard, The Count must come out to see why. Was he ever happy to find her feeling playful, he has been waiting for her to play with him since we brought her home. So the two bears ran all over the yard, wrastling each other, tackling, jumping and playing. It was truly an awesome sight! Tomorrow I will bring out the video camera in the hopes of capturing some, I'd probably do best to bring it every morning, since you just never know when they'll want to be playful puppies again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More from Miss Nova

Hi my new friends. Last night was the first night in my new home. It was very, very quiet, except for the sirens (brush fires in the neighboring town--Mom). I slept in my crate downstairs, and slept all night. I was so tired after all the excitement yesterday. This morning Mom got up before the sun and took me out of my crate for a walk. We walked around the yard, and she gave me a drink. Then Orion was up so we went for another walk with Orion. I was very nervous, but I find Orion's presence very calming, and when he's around I know I have nothing to be nervous about. Mom took us in, and then Dad took me out, where I went potty, then we came in and I was served a delicious breakfast. Now I am napping with Orion.
As for me, I am four years old and all black. I came from a very nice home where I was very much loved, but I just was not happy. I had been a show dog, but I did not like it. I was also a Mom, but didn't like that job either. What I really wanted was to be someone's pet. My loving family knew this, so they set out to find me a home where I would be an inside dog, preferably with another newf. See how wise they were? I'm still uncertain about all this, I don't know what is expected of me, but I do know that Orion is very spoiled and gets lots of treats, toys, and pats, so I think I will like to live like he does.

A Note from Nova

Hi, my name is Nova and I am a Newfoundland Dog. Yesterday I had a grooming and some special attention. I did not know why, but I was soon to find out.
Today some people came to my house. We hung around outside with my owners who discussed food and shots and such stuff I am not interested in. The new people pet me, and a small human gave me a lot of petting while I sat in the shade. They also had another dog, but I didn't pay it much mind. I was stunned and thoroughly confused when they opened up their car and put me inside. I love going for rides! This car smelled different, no familiar smells, so this was strange. We drove for a long time, then stopped for a walk. When I stepped out, I was not home, but in a very strange place called a "Rest Area". I heard the humans discussing this, that's how I knew. I looked for my family, my pack, the other dogs, but no smells were at all familiar. I was scared! The Man gave me some water, but I just wanted to get back into the crate. The Woman took me for a walk but I just wanted to get back into the crate. So they put me back in and we drove for a long while.
The next time they stopped, we were at a park. The whole human pack, plus the other dog, got out for a walk, but I did not want to. They coaxed me out, put a collar and leash on me, and we started walking along a brook. The Woman decided to take the leash off so I could walk with everyone else, which I did for a while. Then I got scared, and I panicked! I just wanted to be at home with what I know, so I turned and ran. That was when I learned The Woman can run faster than I can. She caught up with me and snapped th leash back on me. I turned around and saw the rest of the humans waiting. We walked together down to a brook, and they let me wade in where I took a drink. I got to get my feet wet, but the Woman did not let go of the leash. We walked and walked and walked, and I walked very well, right by the side of the Woman. I like her, since she came back for me.
We all got back into the car and drove for about two minutes when the Man said, "We are home. This is your new home, Nova." I was terribly scared! Where was my pack? Where were my owners? What is going on here?!
The humans took me in the house. Now that was strange, I am not a house dog, but a show dog who hated the show ring. I liked being in the house. The Man gave me some water, which I drank. The Woman took me and the other dog for a walk around the yard, where I finally peed. Do you know what the Woman did when I peed? She said, "Go pee. Go pee. Go pee." Then she gave me a cookie for going pee! Can you imagine? I got lots of praise and pats. I walked on-leash around the yard, then we went back in the house. In-the-house! Next the humans were preparing dinner. Boy was I hungry! I heard the kibble go into the dish, and I came right up to the Woman who was preparing it. She gave the other dog his first, then gave me mine after he started eating his. You won't believe what I had in my kibble: meatballs! I had kibble with meatballs! Yum!
Next we went outside into the fenced in area. The Woman said, "Go poop," so I sat down. I had no idea what she was talking about but I figured I'd wait until she showed me. I guess she wasn't going to show me, as she took my leash and led me to the front porch where the Man, the kid, and the other dog were sitting. The woman spoke to me, "I am Mom." She pointed to the Man and said, "This is Dad." She pointed to the other dog and said, "And this is now your brother, Orion Count Drulzelot......"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I can't understand it....

Whenever I take a few days (okay, weeks) off from posting, when I revisit my blog a bunch of my links are missing. I can't tell you how many times I have edited my links only to have a huge chunck of them dis-right-appear from my page.
So for those of you who do not see a link to your blog/business and would like one, please let me know and I will add you. Somewhere I will just have to keep a list of them on my computer, because I never can figure out which ones are missing. Just that I had about 20 and I come back and there are five.............

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We've (finally) been invited!

After meeting us at the school for the Read Aloud Day, the new children's librarian at our public library called today to ask if we would like to give a presentation in July on Newfoundland Dogs! She was so impressed by The Count's behavior, calm disposition, and of course, good looks. We are so thrilled to be able to visit the kids and to tell about this magnificent breed.
When I first had Orion trained for entrance into the Pet Partners program with the Delta Society, I visted the children's librarian which had recently been hired. As I am a fixture at our library and my kids grew up participating in the programs presented by the chilren's past librarians, I was eager to let our new one know we'd be happy to offer our services (I've also taught origami to the children for many years there). She was one of those who asks a question then answers it herself, and she didn't even take my number. I also offered my origami skills, but she wasn't interested in that either. She had her own, different way, in which she wanted to do all the programs herself, and I respected that. It is her choice, afterall. A few weeks later when I visited to check out some books, she scolded me for not bringing my library card (well, everything is computerized, so they just type in my name, I don't even know where my card is). I visted the library every week for close to twelve years, so everyone there really knows me! I'm not exactly a kid, and I really don't care to be scolded by someone younger than me for something as trivial as my library card, so I found her a bit annoying. Whenever I visited, I tried to avoid her since she always had something to say which I found impolite, or if I asked someone a question, she'd answer from across the room (plus, I never brought my library card). For the next three years I rarely visted the library. So when I read we had a new children's librarian, I returned. She is a sweet, soft-spoken, very polite lady, perfect for a children's librarian. She has some great ideas for programs where she is once again getting the community involved in the programs, which I think is great.
Plus, she doesn't ask me for my library card.

Orion visits the school (by Mom)

I received a call from a dear friend of mine. She had been asked to read to a second grade class for the annual "Read Aloud Day" where community members are invited to read to the elementary classes. As a former teacher she loves children and is great with them. But unfortunately, she had just been diagnosed with pneumonia, and would not be able to attend. Might I be able to fill in for her? Absolutely! I ran to the school and left a note for the teacher whose class I'd be reading to: Could I bring Orion? She called me later that evening and said she'd be delighted to have him visit.
The next day we arrived bright and early, all brushed out, clean ruff, chili bandana tied around his neck, and his bright blue "pack-pack" on his back, which was stuffed with treats, some books about newfs, and a T/Y gift for the teacher and class. We didn't go directly to the class, but instead were invited to a breakfast with the other readers while the kids went to their classes and tended to their morning routines. While visiting with the other readers, I had the opportunity to introduce Orion the both the librarian and the children's new librarian at our public library (which I visit weekly, but they had not actually met The Count). He also met several other big dog owners (who did not have dogs with them), so he could give sloppy kisses to people who appreciated them.
Next, we were given a fourth grade escort to take us to our class, who was smitten with His Highness. While walking past other classes, we could hear kids saying, "What was that?!" "I just saw a horse go by!" "Holy cow, did you see THAT?!" Then we arrived at our class, and the kids were stunned, then delighted. They all sat on the reading rug, and Orion lay by my side as I read, "I saw an Ant in the Parking Lot", an amusing, rhyming book perfect for kids to listen to (it would have been in my home library had it been published when mine were little). Following the reading, I told the kids a bit about Newfoundland dogs, then had them each take turns feeding Orion a home-made seaweed cookie. They were very amused to find dogs like seaweed, carrots, and green beans. Orion was on his best behavior. Next, several of the kids shared their pet stories with me, which I always love. Then it was time to go, so we said our goodbyes, and Orion and I left the way we came.
Once we reached the top of the stairs we met a teacher out in the hall with a couple of her students. Not just any teacher, but a fourth-grade, big-dog loving teacher! She and her students had to come get newfie lovin's which caused the other studnets to come to the door to find out why the teacher was taking so long, which menat her class started filtering into the hallway. I asked if I could bring Orion into her class, and so we all went in, to the delight of her students. I told them about newfs, and walked around the class giving each studnet a turn to pet him, then he lay down on the floor and they all came over to cuddle with him. By the time we were done and left that room, then spoke with several other teachers in the hallways on our way out, we had been there for two hours! Orion was in his element; lots of fans, lots of little kids, lots of faces to kiss, lots of treats, it doesn't get any better than that for a newf.

One busy Newf

Gee, it's been a long Winter. I have been pretty much lying around, slugging by the fire, holding down the carpet, and leaving puddles of drool as I wait for Spring to arrive. With Spring, we can resume our walkies, you see. I LIVE for our walkies. So you can imagine my excitement when Mom loaded me in the car the day the kiddos missed the bus. I figured she'd just take them to school, but instead she drove right past our house after depositing them at their assigned places. Where was she going so early in the morning? Is that her turn signal I hear???? I jumped up from my spot in the back of the car, cuz I knew what the turn signal at that particular spot meant: A walkie!! I started bouncing around the car (shaking it, Mom said) and wimpering with delight. When she opened the door, I shot out at full speed. It had been months since I'd last been here, and all those smells, all those rocks, all those trees, and that was just next to the parking lot. When I noticed two other cars in the lot, I knew who they belonged to, so I ran as fast as I could to see my human friends and their doggers. They were all happy to see me, and I, them. The trail was perfect (perfectly ICY!) so Mom walked very slowly to enjoy the scenery. She has since taken me back, it's less icy now but much, much more wet, which is even better, though Mom is thinking she'd prefer it a little drier. Don't understand why she doesn't like to get her feet wet, it is so much fun to slop in the mud. Especially since I had just visited the beatuy parlor, and you know how dull it is to be clean.
So Spring is here, the crucus are blooming, the sun is warming things up. Life is just delicious!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Orion has a few games he likes to play, and we thought we would share them with our friends. These are in addition to the traditional games of "Chase the Kitty" and "Chase the little Girl".
The first is a hide game we call "Hide the Bone" although the "bone" can be a toy, stuffie, towel, cookie, anything he wants to play the game with. First, I give him the "bone" and he walks into the livingroom, sniffing and looking for just the right place to "hide" it. After several trips around the room, he will place it in its hiding spot (usually in plain sight, can't make it too hard on the humans). Then he sits by the sofa. If we don't notice he has hid the toy, he will let out a loud "sigh" to get our attention. Then, I'll say, "Where's your bone?" and he will keep his head very still and move only his eyes in the direction of his toy(I'm not supposed to notice, but it's funny that he does this). Then I make a big show of searching for the bone until I find it. Upon finding it I take it into the next room and "hide" it, coming back empty-handed. He then runs into that room to search for it, and re-hides it in the livingroom for me to find. This is HIS favorite game and he will play for an hour.
Another game we enjoy (which is MY favorite game)is the "Yawn" game. Orion has a tendancy to let everyone know when he yawns. The variety of noises he makes is very entertaining. So we will go lie down on the floor next to him and loudly yawn. He lifts his head and, since yawns are contagious, he loudly yawns back. Then we will either go around the room, with each person loudly yawning and the newf yawning back, or, if it's just the two of us, we'll go back and forth until he "Woooo-woooo-woooooo"s at me. This never fails to send me into a fit of giggles.
The last game is our own version of Monty Python's Fish Slapping Dance, only we use a cooked green bean. Very, very funny.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Wet's Gone Wild

Wet has taken a liking to his reflection, and can be found at all times of day and night playing with the kitty on the other side of the door. We finally caught him on tape, this guy is a maniac cat!

You can see him here (until I get it to upload on the blog)
Wet's Gone Wild

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Count Drulzelot's New Year Resolutions

One of my fellow Newf-Listers posted her dogger's ten resolutions which prompted Orion to come up with a few of his own:

I will not lick people's faces right after cleaning my...oh, never mind, I broke that one this morning.

I will NOT chase kitties. I will NOT chase kitties. I will NO...Oh look! A KEEETTTTTTYYYYY!

I will not tear up Mom's magazines before she finishes reading them.

I will greet each of my people first thing in the morning when I get up. I had, up to this point, only greeted Mom and Dad. This very morning I opened the doors to the rooms of each of my kids and smooched them on the face. They all said their own versions of Happy New Year to me, and I liked it so much I shall continue on a daily basis. (Note from Mom, they screamed bloody murder as they were all still sleeping when he "greeted" them.)

I will sniff both ends of the kitty.

Orion Count Drulzelot


Happy 2008, I hope your year is filled with too many blessings to count!
I had a good semster, earned As in the two courses I took (Psychology and Geography). Both very interesting classes, though I really loved the Psychology. We spent some time on the brain, which, of course, is my favorite topic, as well as sleep and the importance of a good night's, development, and much, much more, all of it so fascinating. So now I have a bit of a rest before my next class, Anthropology. I may only take one this term, with The Nationals coming up, and posiibly hosting a foreign exchange student, plus gardening season, etc., I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew. I wish they offered Winter semester courses (accelerated 18 day classes), as January is the month to pretty much stay in and curl up with a book. It was -4 when I took the kids to school this morning, so The Count did not get his walkie this morning. Instead I will be making an appt for his yearly check-up, and Wet's first visit to the Vet.
Enjoy your day!

Introducing Wet

Although he has been a part of the family for a few months now, I've been too busy to even read any of my friends' blogs, let alone update my own. So now I have a few weeks' lull between classes and decided to introduce the world to Orion's new buddy, partner-in-crime, and confidante, Count Drulzelot's Aquarius, aka "Wet". For those who have read older posts about Orion's favorite stuffy, you know where we came up with Wet's name.
Wet is very confident, playful, and cuddly. He cuddles with Orion, always wants to be in a lap (like Orion), eats from The Count's dish (even with The Count's snoot in it), and bathes in the dog's waterbowl. He's fearless, which is not hard to be when you grow up around a huge, black Newf, but is "skeered" of anything that moves outside (which makes him run at the door, body-slamming it to get in). Overall, he is a very entertaining addition to the family, although Oscar puts up with him, and Sophia will not demonstrate even an ounce of tolerance for him in the presence of others (though they are both sleeping on my bed right now, thinking no one else knows).