Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Aquila's toys

The Canines have way too many dog toys. In spite of that, Aquila never showed much interest in them. As I've written here before, Orion loves nothing more than playing with his stuffies, hiding his toys for us to find, playing ball, and chasing a cuz ball. Try to play "toy" with my girl, however, and she was totally uninterested. Until she visited The Vet.
Aquila visited her doc for her spay. Shortly after she came home from her surgery, she had a "false pregnancy" caused by the change in hormones. She took hold of Orion's newest toy, a pink elephant, and tried to nurse it. She carried that squeaky pink toy around until Orion hid it on her (Maybe he didn't like the noise, or maybe he thought he was playing his favorite game, but whichever, it was several weeks before we found where he hid it!). Never having had a female, this was quite confusing to us. We went out and bought her a new toy, a yellow squeaky bear.
Yellow squeaky bear was carried around everywhere. She kept that toy in her mouth, took it on walks, took it in the car for rides. Now add to the fact that Aquila is quite the slobberdog, and you can imagine how gross this toy became. We dubbed it, "Yucky Baby". Long after her hormones settled, she still carried her Yucky Baby, or if we threw it, she'd fetch and bring it back. We were so pleased she was learning to play with us, we bought her another toy, "Weenie Baby". As you may be able to guess, it is a squeaky hotdog. Son has a strange sense of humor, and wanted to add a squeaky rubber pork chop as well. Imagine the names we could have come up for that one!
Dear Son found Pink Baby in his garden, so her collection has grown, and she delights in playing. She has learned to play "chase the cuz ball" and she and Orion both chase after the same toy, taking turns bringing it back (she will drop it, he will not, if it's in his mouth, you have to play "tug the cuz" before he'll let you have it).
Yesterday both visited the beauty parlor for much needed baths and trims. While there, I bought The Count a new stuffed octopus; he had removed, via tug games, all the legs from his old one, so I felt it was time for a new one. You can't get a toy for one and not the other, so I found a nice rubber squeak toy for 'Kee, a rubber chicken that sounds like a deranged crow. She loves this new toy, it is in her mouth right now, and she (thankfully) didn't bring it to bed last night, instead she left it downstairs. The noise this thing is raucous, so we have named this one "Beastly Baby". Orion still takes whichever toy she is playing with, I think he is trying to teach her how to play hide-n-seek. Her preferred game to play with Orion is chase-me, chase-me, and doggie wrestling. She's teaching him sports, he's teaching her cerebral pursuits. They are perfect compliments to each other.

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  1. Kee is such a precious girl. I'm glad you guys found each other.