Thursday, January 03, 2008

Count Drulzelot's New Year Resolutions

One of my fellow Newf-Listers posted her dogger's ten resolutions which prompted Orion to come up with a few of his own:

I will not lick people's faces right after cleaning my...oh, never mind, I broke that one this morning.

I will NOT chase kitties. I will NOT chase kitties. I will NO...Oh look! A KEEETTTTTTYYYYY!

I will not tear up Mom's magazines before she finishes reading them.

I will greet each of my people first thing in the morning when I get up. I had, up to this point, only greeted Mom and Dad. This very morning I opened the doors to the rooms of each of my kids and smooched them on the face. They all said their own versions of Happy New Year to me, and I liked it so much I shall continue on a daily basis. (Note from Mom, they screamed bloody murder as they were all still sleeping when he "greeted" them.)

I will sniff both ends of the kitty.

Orion Count Drulzelot

1 comment:

  1. Hi Orion! I like you list of resolutions. Good luck with them! I believe I should make a couple of my own.

    I resolve to not drool on the keyboard of Mom's laptop.

    I resolve to be more help cleaning up in the kitchen, specifically, with pre-washing all the 2lggds' dishes. Sometimes they make that hard because they put the dishes where I can hardly reach. How am I supposed to do my job if I can't reach them?

    Happy New Year, Count!