Friday, January 04, 2008

Wet's Gone Wild

Wet has taken a liking to his reflection, and can be found at all times of day and night playing with the kitty on the other side of the door. We finally caught him on tape, this guy is a maniac cat!

You can see him here (until I get it to upload on the blog)
Wet's Gone Wild


  1. Hey Orion!

    I have an award for you. Take a look at my blog, January 12th. It's the You Make My Day Award!

    I'm giving it to you guys because you make my day!

    Big WOOOOFS and waggins,
    Bubba (aka Cub)

  2. Oh my gosh Orion! Your Wet Kitty has gone bezerk! But what a wonderful friend you have! I toy that walks & talks & will play with you...what a dream come true..can't wait to see more of you & wet!

    Love & Licks,

    ps..I linked you on my bloggy so I can visit more often.