Thursday, January 03, 2008

Introducing Wet

Although he has been a part of the family for a few months now, I've been too busy to even read any of my friends' blogs, let alone update my own. So now I have a few weeks' lull between classes and decided to introduce the world to Orion's new buddy, partner-in-crime, and confidante, Count Drulzelot's Aquarius, aka "Wet". For those who have read older posts about Orion's favorite stuffy, you know where we came up with Wet's name.
Wet is very confident, playful, and cuddly. He cuddles with Orion, always wants to be in a lap (like Orion), eats from The Count's dish (even with The Count's snoot in it), and bathes in the dog's waterbowl. He's fearless, which is not hard to be when you grow up around a huge, black Newf, but is "skeered" of anything that moves outside (which makes him run at the door, body-slamming it to get in). Overall, he is a very entertaining addition to the family, although Oscar puts up with him, and Sophia will not demonstrate even an ounce of tolerance for him in the presence of others (though they are both sleeping on my bed right now, thinking no one else knows).

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