Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm back!

Sorry about the delay, but as the saying goes, "Life comes at you!" Things are slowing down here, and as you can see, I've even had some time to mucky-muck with the format here (I don't know if I'll keep this format, we shall wait and see). Next week I will be working on a website (for a school) so I have a bit of time to play.
Reading the paper today I saw an article about burglaries in the neighboring town (which is less than a mile from me), and it reminded me of an incident which happened about 6 weeks ago.
The Count sleeps in our room with us. He rarely barks, unless he's playing with the kitties or with me. So we were surprised one night when Orion woke us by jumping to his feet and barking. We jumped out of bed, I thought he had seen a firefly out the window and it startled him, but he was very agitated. Once we were out of bed, Orion ran to the stairs, with Hubber in pursuit, and as soon as Hub opened the door, Orion shot out, racing through the yard and into the neighbor's field, all the while barking furiously. Whoever (or whatever) it was can consider himself very lucky, as Orion was fierce and furious. I've never seen him like that before. I ran around the house turning on all the lights and Hub flashed lights outside, but never found anything. Orion came back to the house, still very agitated, and spent time outdoors patrolling the house, then he came back in and patrolled the inside. It took some time for him to settle down. I am sure glad we have him, he's a super watchdog!

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  1. Hello Orion!
    What a wonderful watch dog you are! You saved your peoples from whatever danger lurked near! You should be very proud of yourself...Sometimes I bark at night too & wake up my peoples & then I make them go to the front door with me....there is never anyone there...but I like to think I scared them away....
    Love & Licks,