Saturday, March 22, 2008

We've (finally) been invited!

After meeting us at the school for the Read Aloud Day, the new children's librarian at our public library called today to ask if we would like to give a presentation in July on Newfoundland Dogs! She was so impressed by The Count's behavior, calm disposition, and of course, good looks. We are so thrilled to be able to visit the kids and to tell about this magnificent breed.
When I first had Orion trained for entrance into the Pet Partners program with the Delta Society, I visted the children's librarian which had recently been hired. As I am a fixture at our library and my kids grew up participating in the programs presented by the chilren's past librarians, I was eager to let our new one know we'd be happy to offer our services (I've also taught origami to the children for many years there). She was one of those who asks a question then answers it herself, and she didn't even take my number. I also offered my origami skills, but she wasn't interested in that either. She had her own, different way, in which she wanted to do all the programs herself, and I respected that. It is her choice, afterall. A few weeks later when I visited to check out some books, she scolded me for not bringing my library card (well, everything is computerized, so they just type in my name, I don't even know where my card is). I visted the library every week for close to twelve years, so everyone there really knows me! I'm not exactly a kid, and I really don't care to be scolded by someone younger than me for something as trivial as my library card, so I found her a bit annoying. Whenever I visited, I tried to avoid her since she always had something to say which I found impolite, or if I asked someone a question, she'd answer from across the room (plus, I never brought my library card). For the next three years I rarely visted the library. So when I read we had a new children's librarian, I returned. She is a sweet, soft-spoken, very polite lady, perfect for a children's librarian. She has some great ideas for programs where she is once again getting the community involved in the programs, which I think is great.
Plus, she doesn't ask me for my library card.


  1. That's so wonderful. I've really wanted to start programs like this one with Ari, but she's still a little too "enthusiastic" about meeting new people, so we're a ways a way from passing our Canine Good Citizen test. Congrats to you and Orion!

  2. So glad to see the Count is doing so great. Thanks for visiting my Blog, I enjoy the Counts.