Monday, November 03, 2008

What was he thinking?

I think it is time for a new game. Here I will post a photo every day and you post a phrase to go with it. You can post the caption to any or all. If you can, post the caption in the comments section below the photo. Let's see who can create the most creative captions!

Here is your first one:

Here are some of the first responses (from newf-l and newf-net):

“MMOOOOOOMMMMMM! Wet is doing IT…AGAIN!” (Hope)

"Ah Mom...I like my kitten kibble with Cat-chup!" (Sue M.)

"But, I don't like hair in my food!" (Abbey)

"Mom!!!!! Cool A Snacky worth my attention!" (Commander Ted)

"If this is what they mean by raw-diet then no thanks!" (Brainwashed by Newfs)

"mum kitty's eaten all my food" (Victoria)

"What do you mean I can't eat the cat?" (Mudji)

"A little whip cream on the top please.." (Jennifer)

"I am the Count; I am not named ALF and my dinner shall NOT Purr" (Susan)

"Whoa, is that for ME?"

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  1. Deb Harmon7:43 PM

    Who put the kitten in my water bowl???