Monday, November 03, 2008

What was he thinking?

"What was he thinking?"
photo #2 (submit a caption to go with this photo):

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"“This is the largest fish bowl I've ever seen!” (Bojie)

"Damn....if they find out it was me who dropped that fish head...I am gonna get whooped." (Susan)

"Hey…kitty…you look like me!" (Hope)

"There's gotta be a fish in here somewhere.... " (Allise)

The Count (Out of the Picture):
"Hmmm......Let's see Kat, Wet Kat....Kat's don't like water.....BONUS!!!!!.....Nudge SPLASH!" (Commander Ted)

"If it's not too much to time could you use a smaller dish for my water, PLEASE?" (Abbey)

"The big guy doesn't seem to have a problem..." (Tug)

"water water in the pool who is the fairest of them all, why me of course not that cute newfie" (Victoria)

"Hmmm... Nice kittie pool! Think I'm gonna need a Cat-armaran." (Sue)

"'s gonna take a lot of sand to fill this litter box!!!" (hsemko)

"Hmm, how do you get in?"

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