Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation (newfs version)

(Orion) Mom started hauling stuff out of the attic. I know what this means. This means they are going somewhere without me. Aquila doesn't know or understand, and I can't convince her something is going on. She believes Mom won't go anywhere without her. I used to think that, too, until I found she does go places without me. The whole pack does, and they are gone for, like, forever. I'm sulking.

(Aquila) Orion's in a mood, he has this idea that Mom is going someplace without us. Now I know Mom is an awesome hunter, but she doesn't take very long to bring back some cow, pig, chicken, and lamb, so I don't see what the big deal is. What is she gone, maybe an hour? I don't understand what these totes and stuff are for though.

(Orion) The truck is packed, that means I'm going to Grandma and Grandad's, maybe? I like visiting them, they spoil me. I can handle that.

(Aquila) Well, my crate is in the truck. Wonder what that's about. Are they going to send me away? Oh no! Maybe that's it! Was I naughty? Maybe I shouldn't have gotten into the food and ate it all. I wonder if that's it. When I knocked over the plant Mom didn't seem to care, she said she knocks them over all the time. Maybe that was it. I thought Mom loved me. Why would she send me away? She wouldn't, she couldn't, could she?

(Orion) Mom and Dad took us to visit our newfie friends, Mackenzie, MuggS, and Mulligan. They are fun, MuggS is huge and very playful. I like visiting with them. Then Mom and Dad left and told us to be good. They left. They left without us. They left

(Aquila) I love visiting my friends, but I couldn't believe when Mom walked out the door and left me here. She gave me a kiss, told me she loved me, and then left. Of course, she'll be right back, she always comes right back. I'm not worried.

(Orion) I'm giving everyone the cold shoulder and not eating. I'm going on a hunger strike until I am hand-fed. Works with Grandma and Grandad. Doesn't seem to be working here, though. Wonder when Mom and Dad are coming to get me. I think I will go play.

(Aquila) Okay, I'm worried. I slept here all night. I miss my Mommy. She didn't come back. Did she give me away? Where is she?

(Orion) Another day, no Mom and Dad. 'Kee seems to think they have left us for good. We are now in a new pack. I miss my kids, but a kid comes here to visit so I have taken him as my own. I follow him everywhere and try to kiss his face. He's pretty cool.

(Aquila) I'm so sad without my Mom. I guess we have a new pack now. Just when I got comfy in my old pack. I just don't understand it. I love my Mommy so much, I just don't know how she could have left me.

(Orion) I've had to take up eating, no one is going to fall for my tricks here. It's eat-it or lose, so I guess I'll eat. I still feel in my bones that Mom and Dad will come back soon. I know they go someplace without me, but they do come back, so I'll just keep a look-out.

(Aquila) Another day, no Mom.

(Orion) Another day, and it's almost bed time when the doorbell rings. All the dogs line up quietly to greet the visitors, when who walks in the door? Mom, Dad, and kids! They're here! I KNEW they'd come back for us! I have to count them, are they all here? Yes! Wow, they were gone for so long, I wonder what they were doing. Oh Mom, I'm so glad to see you, I could just eat you up! Are you coming for a visit or to take us home?

(Aquila) Another day, no Mom, but I am getting used to my new pack. The doorbell rings and I see someone walk in who looks like Mommy. I must be dreaming, that can't be Mommy, can it? Whoa, Orion is going nuts, it must be Mommy. She says, "Aquila, my baby girl!" and I know it is true! She came back! She does love me! Boy I sure hope she brought us back a bison or something, they were gone so long I'm sure they hunted something delicious!

(Orion) We get in the car for the ride home. I'm sitting next to Mom and Dad, I won't let them out of my sight. Oh I just love them so!

(Aquila) We are going for a ride, are they taking us home? It's great to be back in the truck with my humans. I sit between the kids, I missed all of them.

(Orion and Aquila) Yeah! We're home! Oh my yard, I love my yard! I must mark it here, and here, and here....Oh, you wnat to play chase? Look there's the potty pen! Let's go check it out. Look, my house, and my favorite ball, and my...Oh, this IS heaven! I'm so glad to be home. Now, where's the goodies you hunted for us?


  1. Guys; Ricky (aka "Mr. Smooch" the World's Greatest Smoocher!) here. Don't sweat it! My Mom & Dad go all of the time. Lots of times they take us with like this last weekend. We went to the Spa in Ohio. I had 5 acres of personal play space and my very own Pond! It was so cool. I did share it with my sisters though. Mom & Dad took off for some glass thing, why I don't know it didn't make any sense to me. But they did come and get us on Sunday, and we drove home. Seemd like a long way to go to a spa, but it was lots of fun, so I'm not going to complain. Anyway, don't worry, your Mom will always come back. I know, mine always do.

  2. Our Mom and Dad does this knid of thing all of the time. If you play your cards right and learn this thing called a "Guilt Trip" they will feel bad and give you goodies and loot. You have to learn to pout and pretent your really bummed, and mope around the house. They will think something's really really wrong and try to cheer you up by bribing you with treats and toys. Trust me is works......Ricky

  3. I am catching up on my blog reading and just saw this. It was a fun read, but the whole time my heart was breaking a bit for poor Kee. Katie is the same way about her Mama.

  4. Sorry Ricky here, we forgot to post that we agree with you, there's no place like home. Dad and Mom pretty much drag us everywhere, except twice lately I got gyped and had to stay home, but you can check about that on my blog. My dad say he's going to take pictures of T shirts this weekend (whatever the heck they are, and sned them to you. TTFN
    Rikcy aka Mr. Smooch