Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And More......

Billowing clouds
long ago friend floats above
Missy, my newf JS

Resting my head back,
I raise my eyes to see slimers,
Shining Stalactites. LH

Four newfs on my lawn,
Grazing happily on greens,
Two black bears and two Holsteins. LH

Buying groceries,
Clerk asks, "holding a baby?"
Slime on my shoulder. LH

Pressure on my chest,
Waking to see slimey jowls,
Happily hovering above. LH

The legacies abound -
The memories astound!
Where would "Best Friends" be
If it wasn't for Cree.
This was one written by Jane Evans Cree passed away. LSC

My Newf Boy Zander
Not as pretty as Mollie
But loves Mama, too. SA

Our newf cora is
the sweetest girl around town
quick she needs a treat! AM

Our newf kira is
celebrates her sixth birthday
the second of may! AM

Our newf Sailor man
waits patiently at the bridge
we miss him so much AM

Sun gleams off black fur
Catch the butterfly in flight
Newfy pas de deux RK

Look! a broken limb
Grab the stick before it runs
Prance with the treasure RK

Muscles tensed, on alert
Dad is cooking, what will fall?
Cleanup is my job RK

Two Newf boys are love
Their sweetness oozes throughout
Come see them today ED

The clouds settle in
Two newfies begin to play
Storm brews in the West ED

Fresh toilet water
Dripping from black hairy chin
Let me kiss you now JK

Dead stinky reeking
I roll my body with glee
Pet me I love you JK

Pounce kill shake kill toss
The squeaky toy will not live
Sleep and dream of cats JK


  1. This looks like fun. How about:

    Black hair binds roller
    Rubber drive belt burns and stinks
    One more dead vacuum

  2. And here's one I call "Ernestine On Watch:"

    "Intruders!" she shouts.
    Charges the fence; fiercely barks.
    Bunny hops away.