Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dog-gone, Dogged Dog

Two weeks before we left for the Canadian Maritimes this summer, Orion decided we were taking too long to get up in the morning and decided to come get us. We sleep upstairs. Orion doesn't like stairs. He doesn't like us lingering in bed even more, so he decided this was the best time to tackle his phobia. After climbing the stairs, he rushed into our room, and since dear Hubber's side of the bed is closest to the door, he was greeted face-to-face with the wet snoot of the newf. Then he ran over to my side to snoot me, but I was able to roll out of reach. He did this every morning until we left for Canada. In Canada, he either slept by the door of the motel we were staying, or in our bedrooms if we were at a B&B or cottage. When we returned home, he took up his place at the foot of the stairs, guarding the front door, having forgotten how he came to greet us. That lasted two weeks. Then he started coming up to get us out of bed every morning. Which leads to last night.
A couple of nights ago, Orion thought he might like sleeping upstairs in the Master bedroom. Hubber didn't really think that was a good idea, so when Orion came up at 9pm, Hubber took him back down and placed him on his chill-bed. He came up to wake us the next morning. Last night, Hubber was out so when Orion came up at 9pm, I told him he could stay until his Daddy returned home, then he'd have to go downstairs to his own bed. Hubber came home, Orion jumped up at the intrusion downstairs, ran down to see who it was, saw his Daddy, turned on his heels and ran back up! Hubber came up and told The Count, "No, young man, you do not sleep up here." He stood by the door and called him. Orion didn't budge. Hubber called him again, The Count just pressed himself firmly into the side of the bed. Hubber called again, Orion lay down. Hubber came in, took Orion's collar, and led him down to his bed. Hubber gave him a drink of water, some cuddles and affection, then came back up to bed. I was sure Hubber would give in--Orion is so incredibly cute, even when he's being stubborn--but Hub stood his ground. Lights went out, all was quiet. 30 minutes later we hear, "Galump......galump....silence....galump, galump, galump......silence. I whisper, "I think he's coming back up," to which Hubber replied with a giggle, "I think you're right." Galump....galump, galump, galump....silence. A few minutes later, someone quietly creeps in, walks over to Hubber's side of the bed, sits there for a minute, and, taking Hubber's silence as surrender, lies down on the floor by the bed.
He was still there when we woke. I told Hubber, "Before you know it, he'll be on the bed." Hubber replied, "There is no way that drooling, drippy-nosed bag a fur and bits is going to be sleeping in my bed! I will definitely not give in!" Yup, Hubber's real good at not giving in....

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  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Good Boy Orion!!!!!Andy gets to sleep with mom and dad and Otis and Henry too!!!!!!
    Tell your daddy to just GIVE UP the bed....the floor is more comfortable!