Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mommy's Little Helper (NOT!)

January, 2005

Ahhh, New England weather. Last week was snow, then ice, then snow, then ice, then 60 degrees and rain which cleared away the above mentioned. Last night old man winter dropped about 4 inches of powdery snow. Dear hubby was in a hurry this morning so I told him I'd clear the driveway (and my boys would take care of the deck and patio). Now if I go outside for any reason, I must be accompanied by my guardian angel (lol), Orion. He decided he would "help" me shovel the snow by grabbing hold of the lower part of the shovel while I was pushing. After ten minutes of this "assistance", I handed him the other shovel so he could "shovel" his own snow. Of course, once I got going again he dropped his shovel and ran back over to "help" me. Just like a kid, when they "help" it takes twice as long to do anything. When my imaginative hubber gets home tonight, I will set him to work straight away to invent a snow shovel for a newf.! Now that would be something to see!
Donna (with frozen fingers)
and Orion Count Drulzelot (I love to help my mommy!)

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