Friday, September 22, 2006

Orion Makes a Mess
May, 2006

The past few days have been most entertaining, from this dog-owner's point of view. Twice in as many days I've wished I had the camera -the video camera, that is-with me. Yesterday, I left The Count home with my oldest son and youngest daughter, as I took younger son to his piano lessons and picked up groceries. As I came around the corner to my sliding glass doors to go in, arms full of groceries, out runs Oscar-the-kitty with Orion in hot persuit, nearly knocking me off my feet. What greeted me in the house was my oldest son is laughing uproariously, while my daughter is shrieking, dog food is scattered (no, flung!) all over the kitchen floor and a pile of yogurt is splopped right in the middle of it, the table is skewed sideways, the chairs are tipped and pushed every which way. I stopped dead in my tracks and said nothing. Son finally gathered his wits about him to explain what happened. It seems that Orion was getting ready to eat his crunchies, topped with the aforementioned splat of yogurt, when Oscar walked into the room. Now Oscar was put on This Great Earth for the exclusive job of being chased by the huge black wooley creature, and Orion knows his job and does it well. Oscar took off under the kitchen table, under which Orion doesn't really fit, but that didn't stop him from trying. As Oscar ran one way, Orion countered, moving both table and chairs in the process. Oscar tries to make a run for it, but, while turning, skid and lost his footing. Orion turned the corner as well, nailing his food dish and scattering the contents, and also lost traction on the tile floor. So you have these two critters, legs moving madly but neither of them going anywhere; Oscar heard me coming and shifted direction, which gave him enough traction to bolt out the door, with The Count right behind him, with laughing son yelling, "Where's the kitty, Orion?" and daughter shrieking "Knock it off!". Definitely camera worthy.

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