Sunday, September 24, 2006

No Steps, No STEPS! (March 2005)

Orion is seven months old, and he hates stairs. We have two long steps leading to the front door, which he learned to go up and down with no problem. We also have four steps leading in the house through the back door, and with some coaxing, was able to navigate with no trouble. It's the long flights that get him. I think he's afraid of heights (he's quite the wuss), so as soon as he sees them he runs. He's never, ever, even tried going up or down them! He just looks, turns and runs. When he was very little, I carried him up the stairs the few times he needed to go up.
He did this with the car, as well. I drive a station wagon, and the cargo area is his. When he was little, there was no way he could jump in or out so I always lifted him in and out. As he reached 80 lbs, I figured he was big enough to learn himself. He was so stubborn I could placed a raw steak on the ground and he wouldn't get out. My breeder had no idea why, neither did my vet. I found out he was playing me when we went to visit my parents and my husband was driving. When he opened the trunk, Orion jumped right out! I said, "Look at that, he can get out all by himself!" and my husband said, "He never has a problem getting in or out when I take him places." The beast! I bet if my husband took him to school, there would be no problem. We practiced those stairs at school, going up and down, so he has no trouble now, but he won't try the stairs at home. I think these dogs get ideas in their heads, probably sitting there right now plotting his next move as we speak...

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