Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Newf-Ku

I posted some of our newf-ku in a previous post which is way at the bottom of the page, so I have added some of the newf-kus sent to me by my newfie friends. I know many creative folk read this blog, so I want you to post a reply with your own newf-ku. We should share our incredible brilliance with the rest of the world. I used the writer's initials instead of name, but we know who you are

Dead Toy
Sniff, snort, roll
What a lovely smell
Human runs LH

Rainy Day
sudden Spring downpour
splash and roll in muddy pools
find a dry lap quick! JK

Dad's Towel
The towel on the Rack
It is calling Zander back
Watch out boy…Dad’s Mad

It’s Dad’s towel Zander
Not for you to slobber on
But Mom…it feels good SA

slurp; pummel; forget.
but nostalgia overwhelms
cottage cheese exhumed RC

Little Newfy girl
Eyes alert and shining bright
Near her nose – a treat JW

three newfs in a row
aroma tempting; steak gone.
too tired to run RC

Sleeping black Newfie
On his back with legs in air
Drooling, needs a bib MW

Scary insects moving
look, fright, catch, stomp, scream,
Scurrying, NEWF HAIR JS

oh da pooh on my mom's shoe,
now it's stuck on my webbing.
follow my mom around the yard

Shovel and bag in her hand
I look at her with wondering eyes
and alas make another pile. D~

Josie is my name
Im a Newf without a doubt
Naughty is my game T&J

White billowing clouds
parade of memories float
Draw Missy, my newf JS

Maddie, happy girl
Slinging slime above her head
Angel Newf is she. RL
Or perhaps a "toy haiku" should be 3-5-3...

eat, slap, what?
not for long... RC

I am a newfie
I am brown
I am a handful NH

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