Friday, September 22, 2006


Good morning all. Last night Hubber and I decided to think up some haiku about newfs (we think up haikus about everything). Here are a few we came up with, wonder how many more the listers can come up with! Haiku has a rhythm of 5 syllables for the first and third line, and 7 for the second line (5,7,5) and the object is to capture a moment in time. Here's a few we came up with:

Time to light the grill,
wet chin marks on the counter,
sausages are gone.

Gloppy bowl of chow
newfie gobbles greedily,
brown chunks on my pants.

Newf takes a long drink
turns his head to look at me,
stringers reach the floor.

Running like the wind,
tongue and flews madly flapping,
grinning ear to ear.

I had a good one about goobers last night, but forgot it, I'll have to think of another. Come on, gang, lets add to the list!

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