Friday, September 22, 2006

Dogs Do Talk (in their own weird way)
April 2006

I've been teaching The Count how to say, "yes". Not by barking though. Today I was nibbling on a coconut macroon, when he came over to me; I ignored him. He poked me in the belly with his nose, so I looked down at him. He sat down and gave me his "Cute-suit", so I asked, "Do you want a bite?" and he replied by theatrically licking his chops twice. So I gave him a bite. I took another cookie and walked to another part of the room, same thing. Called hubber in to watch, and he did it again. And again. Too funny! Now he is sitting by me giving me that "cute-suit" and chop licking while keeping his eye on my glass of wine. Macroons I'll share, but my vino is a no-no! When he tried the same trick with my eldest son, dear son replied, "Grrrr, I have food aggression! Back off!" I guess it doesn't work on everyone....

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