Sunday, September 24, 2006

First Day of School (March 2005)

Orion had his first day of school today. This has been a big deal since dear doggie is terrorfied of......stairs. Yes, those awful scary things you have to climb up or descend. Now he will go up the two front steps to the front door, no problem. Never has been. It took some begging and coaxing, but I did get him to go up and down the four steps out the back door. The stairs going to the second floor, however, he will not go up come hell or high water. The class was on the second floor.
There were two Bernese Mountain dogs and one St. Bernard, so I was glad he could be around a couple of dogs his own size. The Berners went up the stairs with some coaxing and pulling, but as soon as Orion saw the steps, he bolted right out the door. I can tell first hand that the rubber leashes do burn, it took the skin off my fingers! I tried pulling, bribing, pushing, but in vain. He was not going up those stairs under any circumstance. I fianlly had to carry him up the first six (not an easy task, I only weigh 40 lbs less), then on the landing he huddled in a corner and wimpered. There was no way he'd go up the last six. He's as stubborn as one of my children! I finally carried him up the last six, burst into the class, landing on the floor just inside the door, which was very embarrasing since they could hear all the commotion on the steps. I was glad I arrived early, as it took 20 minutes to get him in.
He was perfectly behaved for class; demonstrating his sit, down, and leave-it, which he already knew. When he had to go from a stand to a down, he put his paws on the ground, rump in the air, and when he didn't get the treat, he slammed his backside down into a roll. He was quite the clown. Then it was time to leave, and once we headed to the door, he turned and bolted in the other direction! I waited until everyone left and the instructor and I pulled him down the stairs, then back up, then down, then up and down again. Now I think he knows he can do it, but we will see what we get next week! Needless to say, I had quite a workout. He came in, took a nap, and that is where he still is. School is such hard work! : )

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  1. rcantor11:28 PM

    I found out today that Princess is not too fond of elevators... She doesn't mind the stairs, though.