Sunday, November 12, 2006

Orion and Sophia-kitty

The Count has a thing for kitties. He is convinced they were put here on this earth for the sole purpose of being chased, preferably up a tree. We live with two kitties, and needless to say, he keeps them in tip-top shape.
Orion met Sophia-kitty the day we brought him home. Sophia is a fat, lazy, black and white kitty with a real bad attitude. When I brought Orion home at the tender age of 8 weeks, I took him for a walk around his new yard. Perched on a low stone wall was the corpulent one, Queen Sophia. Now I have often heard dogs don't exactly have the best eyesight, so his response to her was quite understandable. Orion was one of a litter of three, his two brothers are Landseers (white and black) so it was an honest mistake that he thought this corpulent, black and white being was a fluffy littermate. Boy, was he ever glad to see one of his brothers! He happily approached her and she had no idea what on God's Green Earth this thing was but she was pretty certain it was a) stupid or b) going to eat her. She stood up, growled and hissed. Orion didn't get it, he just playfully trotted up to her. She swat, he jumped back. "This isn't my brother!" I don't know what he thought she was, but when she took off, he stood there completely stunned. His future run-ins with her were met with the same hissing and growling. She couldn't believe the beast was actually going to live in HER house.
One day he figured out if he marched right up to her, she would run. Hence the invention of "Chase the Kitty". Now, whenever Sophia so much as walks into a room, Orion is on his feet and off like a shot. Sophia, I must add, is no longer corpulent.

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