Sunday, November 12, 2006

Orion and Oscar-kitty

We have two kitties, the aforementioned Sophia, and Oscar. Oscar is Sophia's brother, and her nemesis. Where Sophia is very lazy with an attitude, Oscar is as playful as a kitten. He's very trusting, comes to me whenever I call him, and will pretty much play with anything, which makes him a very entertaining kitty. It took him a bit of time before he realized Orion wasn't going to use him as an appetizer, so he is beginning to get used to having a dog. He even will sometimes willingly play, "Chase the Kitty" with The Count. Orion likes him best, I think, because he seems to be able to read Oscar's language better (perhaps because Oscar does more than growl and hiss). When Oscar wants to be chased, he runs, when he doesn't want to be chased, he sits. Orion understands this.
I realized they had some kind of tolerence for each other when I discovered they both act differently when they think no one is watching. If the family is about, Oscar will act scared of Orion, but when no one is looking, Oscar will walk right up to The Count, climb over him, saunter under his nose, you name it. I have caught him on several occasions, so Oscar knows I am on to him.

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