Sunday, November 12, 2006

Orion and Oscar-kitty (part 2)

At night we put the kitties in the garage for bed. They have their pillows and cushions there as well as their "necessity box" so it is a comfy place for them. Last night I hoisted Sophia-kitty from my bed and put her in the garage for bed. Then I checked the other bedrooms for Oscar-kitty. I had seen him earlier in the day eating crunchies in the kitchen, but since he goes in and out all day, I had lost track of him. So I opened the door to the outdoors and called him. He responded with a gurgled cry. I freaked, was that Oscar? I called again, got the same answer. It wasn't the sound of two cats fighting (the neighbor's cat and Oscar have been at war for 8 years, so I know their sounds), but it sounded like a very strange cry. I panicked, is he hurt? I called again, trying to place his location. Suddenly, Orion, who had been asleep in another room, was squirming past me through the door, down the steps and around the garage. that's when he saw something, gave a low, loud "Woof!" and took off at full speed. I ran in to turn on the outside lights in front of the garage and to grab a flashlight (it's really hard to find a black dog at night!). I saw Orion run across the property and into the neighbor's field, and I caught the sight of Oscar running under the porch. Once I knew Oscar was safe, I called Orion back. He came marching back, stopped at the bushes bordering the neighbor's field, and marked his territory. Oscar was extrememly grateful to Orion and they have been chummy today. I think Oscar has figured out what Orion's purpose in life really is.

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