Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sleeping with the Newf

Just before our summer vacation, Orion confronted his fear of our stairs and started joining us in our room to sleep. Upon our return from vacation though, he resumed his old spot at the bottom of the stairs. That lasted about two weeks. Once he remembered he could go upstairs, he took up the job of tucking everyone in at night before retiring next to our bed. We are getting used to his rolling around on the floor (which is pretty loud since the floor is hardwood), snoring, getting up to find another spot on the floor, yawning, and general newf noises. Several nights ago though, Hubber and I were awoken by a strange noise. I whispered to Hubber, "Sounds like air in the pipes." Since the heat had turned on in the night, that's what it sounded like, very loud thumping and banging. Hubber looked over the edge of the bed and giggled. "Orion is running in his sleep," he whispered back. "No way, that's air-in-the-pipes sound." "Look for yourself, he's running." Sure enough, he was in hot pursuit, most likely of one of our kitties. Our whispers and giggles must have been enough to wake him as he woke suddenly and looked at us, kind of embarrassed.
Last night when everyone was sound asleep, Hubber and I were starled from our slumber by the newf growling. Both of us bolted upright, disoriented, when hubber looked over the bed and saw the newf still sleeping, talking in his sleep. Hub thought he might have been having a bad dream; I think he was either giving the neighbor's dog a talking to, or trying to coax a kitty out from under the kitchen table for a game of chase. I'm not sure if he woke up, once I determined everything was well my head hit the pillow and I was back to sleep.
Ah, life is so busy when you are a newf.


  1. Hey Orion,

    Welcome to www.dogswithblogs.com.au - it's great to meet you and I am sure you will make lots of friends here :-)


  2. Yay, I'm very glad you joined dogs with blogs! I was on the only newf on there for SO LONG (two whole weeks!!!)

  3. Hey Orion Newf, My dog does the same thing .... makes me actually consider carpet some times. She wags her tail in her sleep and it wakes me up with a start every time .... bang, bang, bang on the hardwood. But it's so damn cute, I always forgive her.