Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kitties--Part 3

As mentioned in my previous posts, Orion has a special affection for kitties. Kitties are meant to be chased. Kitties are great, because if you run AT them, they run away. That's what he was thinking. Until he met Orange Kitty.
Orange Kitty was sitting on my livingroom floor when The Count walked in. Orange Kitty turned her head and meowed. Oh, look! A kitty! Orion ran up to Orange Kitty, Orange Kitty did not run away. Orange Kitty stayed still, and purred! Orion backed up, Orange Kitty turned her head and meowed. Orion play bowed, Orange Kitty purred. Orion backed up again, Orange Kitty moved forward. Orion barked. Orange Kitty purred. Orange Kitty moved forward again, Orion barked and ran out of the room! Orange Kitty meowed, Orion creeped back in. Orange Kitty moved forward, Orion ran and hid.
This was a fun game, until Orange Kitty's batteries ran down. I have to remember to pick up some C batteries.....

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